Commercial Plumbing


Commercial building, just like our very own home, experiences sudden outbreak in their pipelines. Mostly when you encountered problems like this, it is necessary for you to call for help or assistance with the proper knowledge and skills to do the repairs and maintenance. And we, Plumbing Service Bellaire can help you with all these. The thing is, you can call us, our team with the skills and proper knowledge can totally help you out with these plumbing problems of yours.

           Just like in home, we can offer your commercial buildings the following services:

  1. Leaks or other plumbing issues concerning your kitchen. These include your dripping faucets, clogged sinks, or rusty colored tap water. We can do check-ups, cleaning, repairing or installing for new fixtures. Call us for a free estimation.
  1. Comfort room and bathroom plumbing problems. Clogged and dripping toilets, hot water and gas water heater repair, installation and replacement, clogged tub valves and shower regulators. We can fix it at a very affordable rate.
  1. Garbage Disposals. Mostly, clogged disposals can cause a disturbing effect on you. There are the items that you never put into a garbage disposal because it can easily cause problems with it. These are the grease, egg shells, potato peels, bones, and other vegetables .So to prevent all of these from clogging, we are cleaning and repairing it at all cost. If it is still not enough we can install a new one for you.

            We can assist you in all the problems you will meet along the way. No matter what establishments you have, we’re just a call away. You can call us 24/7. No delays, you can expect a more productive team to reach out for you. Plumbing Service Bellaire is always ready to go.